Friday, September 25, 2009

Tardy Packard Update

To get at the split hoses, and replace them, this had to come off ...twice.

One more time ...

Always the critic, Joey questioned the whole bother of it all.

We got the car running...for a few blocks. Then limped back after taking off the air cleaner, hitting it with starting fluid multiple times. It would die. More false starts.

finally made it back into the drive way...

Checked the Internet for answers and found that getting a 'new' fuel pump for a 1956 Packard is pretty much impossible, but one kind soul told us to try a Ford model. Well, after ordering and waiting for that, we (using the term loosely here) put the new fuel pump into the Packard.

That worked ....kind of. We managed to drive it all the way down to my house where it now rests. Now we seem to have more problems, possibly have to pull off the gas tank or something less invasive ( I hope).
There is no time line on when this might happen, because the main mechanic AKA Mr. B is off recuperating from surgery that repaired a few things for himself.