Sunday, June 28, 2009

Temporarily Sidelined

We had to replace the original radiator, of course it was around 50 years old. We'd been getting by adding stop leak to it, but decided if we're going to do any distance driving it had to be done. So this new Ford model will help keep the temp down and we won't always have one eye on the gage... well, maybe.

The belt still acts like it's loose and probably needs to be replaced, also. By this time we'd made several trips to various auto parts stores ... it's always just one more thing, isn't it?

Hello, Kitty!
This is what happens when you leave a wing window open...Joey Cat invites himself in and then wonders how in the world he'll get free.

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  1. Nice Blog!!! Brought back good memories of my 49 Chevy PU.